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‘Calling time on Lyme’

The primary purpose of Team Seasoar’s fundraising efforts is to raise money for Lyme disease research and awareness – namely for Lyme Disease UK.

John’s 23 year-old daughter Yasmin has chronic Lyme disease which makes this a deeply personal goal for all involved.

Yasmin was bitten by a tick some four years ago and has steadily deteriorated from the effects of this awful bacterial infection. Yasmin, a Cambridge University graduate, has become only too familiar with the details of this debilitating disease. Her life has been turned completely upside down by Lyme disease. She went from being a healthy, active student to feeling like an old woman every day, struggling to complete basic tasks.

Niall, John, Sam and Jason’s goal is to raise funds for a significant research project for improved treatment, along with aiding crucial awareness here in the UK.

Lyme Disease UK logo

Lyme Disease UK exists to support people who are living with the devastating effects of Lyme disease and looking for support and guidance. They work hard to provide support and raise awareness of Lyme disease amongst the UK public and healthcare systems, as well as campaigning for an increase in knowledge and advancements in patient care.

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